Nothing Says Happy New Year Like A Surprise Fireworks Display

New Year’s Eve is a universal event that people around the world celebrate together. With the date coming closer and closer, you are surely planning your own New Year’s Eve party and are wondering how you can make your event extra special. Since fireworks, over centuries of use, have become synonymous with the holiday, why not incorporate a fireworks display into your schedule and ring in the New Year with a literal bang?

Pyrotechnics have evolved a long way from their origins in China during the 7th century. Used at cultural ceremonies like the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year, fireworks were quite different from what we know them as now. Made from gunpowder and exploding close to the ground, the fireworks of old were less ostentatious than those of today. Over the years, firework makers realized that different metals created different reactions when ignited. Choosing copper in their design produced a blue light, while strontium would produce an intense red. Now, with expert knowledge of chemistry, pyrotechnics have been tweaked to create a mesmerizing display of various effects including different shapes, noises, lights, smoke, and floating materials. 

You can ensure your New Year’s Eve to be captivating by having only the best fireworks go off at your party. There are plenty of styles to choose from, as fireworks are divided into two main categories: ground and aerial pyrotechnics. The latter are further divided into pyrotechnics that have their own propulsion, like the skyrocket, or those that are shot into the air by a mortar or tube, like the aerial shell. When the shell is lit, it goes high into the air, where it bursts into a colourful pattern. Artillery shells and Festival Balls are favourites during this season. Meanwhile, ground pyrotechnics consist of a fountain within a tube that sits on the ground and shoots coloured sparks about 10 feet in the air. Depending on the kind you purchase, they can have multiple tubes ignited at the same time, lasting as long as 3 minutes. The most popular of this kind is the Roman candle.

There are truly so many choices that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but there are expert firework retailers that are happy to make your firework experience easy and stress-free. With pop-up locations during the busy season and one location in the GTA open year-round, there is always a friendly and knowledgeable face ready to help you make a decision. Taking advantage of their experience in the fireworks business, learn what makes the best fireworks show, what the most popular products are, and how to handle your fireworks safely. You can also visit Rocket Fireworks and see their massive inventory online, finding the most exclusive deals that are the lowest in the business. 

When these retailers have your back, you know your fireworks display will truly be an amazing experience for all of your guests, making this New Year’s a night to remember.