When It's Time To Entertain At Home

Bangalore is known for its unique lifestyle, which is a mix of traditional and foreign cultures. A favourite amongst the natives and foreigners, it has a wide variety of social hotspots one can visit at any time of the day. In order to keep the city safe, however, the Bangalore Police have insisted all businesses close their shop for the day by 11.30 PM. The rules are a little relaxed during weekends but not by much.

Unlike some cities in India, which never sleep like Mumbai and Gurgaon, Bangalore is a quiet place after midnight. So, if the nightlife in Bangalore is curtailed, does that mean you shorten your hours of fun too? There is no need for you to do so! Here are a few tips that will help you organize something at your home so you can party till you drop.
  • Informal gatherings require lesser work – Some snacks and take away food delivered at your doorstep make the night interesting. It would be wise to stock some non-alcoholic drinks such as beverages, hot chocolate, soft drinks or fruit juices at home while you are out shopping for liquor, so teetotallers don’t feel left out.
  • Manage spaces – Depending on the size of your house and the number of rooms available, invite your guests. It’s easier said than done because after the night of fun and frolic outside, you don’t feel much like breaking up the group. But keep in mind your space limitations so the party is not too cramped at your place. If there are people who will be staying over, your pyjama party will be fun only if they have enough place to sleep!
  • .Neighbourly concern – Bangaloreans still have a quaint habit of enquiring into other people’s whereabouts and routines so don’t get offended if you find a few faces poking out of their windows as you and your party embark from your automobiles. It is especially easy to have fun in your self-owned house or apartment than in a house that you have rented, but if you have cordial relations with your neighbours, partying is never a problem. Also, make sure the noise levels are kept down. Cut back on the shrieking and loud guffawing so you can enjoy fun conversation and some music without waking up the whole neighbourhood.
  • After-party blues – You know you’ll have to scrub those stains and wash those linens yourself the next day; or at least gather them for a wash by someone else! Party smart and keep particularly dripping food, tipsy guests and spiced food away from your furniture. Keep certain private spaces off boundaries to your guests to prevent them from being dirtied or worse, from being raided! Use disposable plates and spoons more than regular cutlery and keep a lot of tissues handy because you know you will need them to surreptitiously wipe your house as much as your friends and yourself!
The bottom line is, Bangalore is a great place to have fun, but with certain restrictions. Most people continue the party at their homes and some, in fact, enjoy them more than splurging big piles of money in restaurants and pubs!

About the author– The author is a professional event manager for both private and corporate clients. She has worked in all the A-listed social spots in India and like sharing party tips on nightlife in Bangalore