Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The First 4k Resolution Display Smartphone

Samsung has already revealed the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge as the first flagship of 2015 from the Samsung and now all hopes are set for the next flagship of the Samsung the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Last year, Samsung was able to set a new technology marble with the massive performance of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If you are aware about the configuration of previous Note, you must know the massive performance was offered with the recent Snapdragon Qualcomm 805 processor with high-end 32-bit architecture. Its successor, Snapdragon 810, yes that features 64-bit architecture, so Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could use the 64-bit Qualcomm 810 or 815-processor chip.

There is another version of the Galaxy Note 4, which powered with an Exynos 5433 processor with eight-processor core (4 cores at 1.3GHz Cortex A53 and Cortex A57 4 cores at 1.9GHz) and a Mali-T760 GPU. This version of the Galaxy Note 4 has 3 GB of RAM, more than enough to move freely any application and not have problems when switching between them. And the good thing is, both the versions can work without any issues, and we would also the Exynos 16-core processor model Samsung Galaxy Note 5, but at present the model number of processor is not yet revealed or officially hinted.

The present scale of the Samsung’s performance in the smartphone is at the high-end. For example, in the benchmark Quadrant, the Galaxy Note 4 gets a score of 24,565 points; very high marks even compared to other high-end phones. In the benchmark AnTuTu v5 has a score of 47,341 points, again a very high score outperforms the most powerful phone of the moment. The test 3DMark focused on the graphics capabilities of the phone has thrown some pretty spectacular results, as its score of 20,267 points in Extreme Ice Storm is very high, although somewhat below the Nexus 6. And now question arises, as we commented Samsung can double the processing cores number in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, would these number be increased by the 2 times? If yes, then you would have the best phone of the generation, and we doubt this performance would not be beaten by any other smartphone up to two years, even if it would be Apple iPhone 7 or 8 but we would have to wait for many months from now to experience such beast in the market.

But the interesting fact observed for the Galaxy Note 4 that the score is lower on tests on-screen because the resolution of the phone is very high low compared to other high end phones like the iPhone 6 Plus. If we compare the raw performance of the GPU to other phones then Samsung is already ahead to any other phone in the market but just launched Samsung’s another flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 could make a difference in the present market of the smartphone but don’t worry it would be soon replaced with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.