Don't Just "LOL"- Put It In Action!

Do you remember when did you laugh the last time? Not the smile, but the laugh which is truly from the heart, which makes a sound, makes your eyes wet and makes your stomach even pain!

Don’t remember, huh? Or probably you might have just witnessed it alone, in this digital age in a digital way, by replying simply “LOL” or sending a wide laughing face over a joke send on your Smartphone or chat box. Break the ice and get into the actual action of laughing! Be a part of Bangalore comedy, which brings the most happening comedy shows in the city to make you laugh heartily!

We all are well aware of the fact - laughter is the best medicine – it’s a doorway to a great health and wellness.  But due to our busy schedules, we are so tied up with our daily routines and running behind all the chores be it at home or office that we tend to put this action of laughter in words when quickly checking through mobile jokes. Will these words help you with the great benefits of laughter?

Why Laugh?

When we laugh over a joke, comedy or at humorous shows and events, muscles in the face and body stretch, pulse rate increases, making us breathe faster and thus, providing with more oxygen. It helps to burn calories, as well.

Stress, work pressure is never ending; in fact, it has become a part of life.  Moreover, the human mind is such that it keeps on worrying a lot about tomorrow. This stress, pressure and tensions are the culprits of the overall well being of the person affecting badly mentally, physically and emotionally.  Although it is difficult to do away with it with the lifestyle we are experiencing today, it can be easily handled and managed.

Laughter is a very powerful medicine for healing the mind and body. It heals the mind from stress and work pressures. It helps to manage the pressure with a positive attitude and with confidence, thereby helping to cope with stress. It boosts energy and gives a good and undisturbed sleep bringing greater happiness. It also helps to increase the immunity power.  No doubt, laughter is known as a therapy for a good health.  So, watching and listening comedy shows which brings in humour and a laugh is necessary.  

Comedy shows – a laughter boost

Give a break in the mundane routine and add a therapy for a good health and stress-free life with the comedy shows.   Moreover, attending and sharing it with loved ones, family and friends will add to the zing! It adds to the fun, entertainment and a great way to connect, as laughter is contagious. It is one of the great ways, to spend special time with family, helping to bind the ties emotionally.

Break the ice and get a complete dose of laughter – in action and not in words!!

Author:  The author well understands the great benefits of actually laughing and is always on the look for the laughter dose on eventshigh  through comedy shows as a part of Bangalore comedy!