Samsung Galaxy S7 With Two Sided Display: Rumours

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are two different smartphones but with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7, there might be chances that Samsung wouldn’t launch 2 sided display smartphone with Edge dubbed name, rather there would be only one smartphone called as Samsung Galaxy S7 simply.

If you aware about the S6 Edge that comes with the curved screen and Edge portion allows implementing several interesting pieces. For example, if you put the device screen down, the sidewall will flash for alerts. And if tied to a subscriber specific color, you will always know whom you are worried about. You can pat the sidewall and then your eyes gaze of interest to you information (weather, time, date, stock price). We cannot say that this is some level of features must have, but a right to exist, they are (better than the control eyes and strokes). The frame is made of reinforced aluminum alloy that should not bend in their pockets. Provides additional protection glass Gorilla Glass 4 (front and rear). Another of the design features of the scheme is to provide a modified scanner finger. If in the past to unlock required swapping the screen and button, it is now quite simple touch, like the iPhone and Meizu MX4 Pro. And in the next Samsung Galaxy S7 also these features would be playing major role but the date of launch is not available. Soft and evaluate the launcher did not really succeed in the present Galaxy S6, but it is clear that the company has done some work by getting rid of unnecessary submenus and tidy up here and there. Green elements in the design are still present, but not so much conspicuous. The main thing - the process goes and if you will wait for the Samsung Galaxy S7 then definitely you would see everything perfect.

The latest generation Samsung Galaxy S6 Phones is available in several colors and they live very different from the drawn. Therefore, we strongly advise you to read in real life, before you execute a purchase. We are afraid of the some colors, like a magnet attracts fingerprints and stains, can upset you. However, cases and cases will probably be required accessories for glass and metal Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Also, soon we would see special accessories for these devices, but according to the information, with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung might provide the special accessories along with the box and in this way your Galaxy S7 flagship will work with wireless charging just out of the box, no special accessory or charger will be needed. Is not it great? Well, yes and you count on, just after the launch other manufactures will do the same.