Being A Ticket-Buying Early Bird: Ac/dc Concert

We have a great season coming along as far as LA Dodgers are concerned, but there are still more legends that will entertain you in that very same stadium. AC/DC is coming back with a new performance, and hopefully not the last, so all you fans, rockers and party maniacs should get ready for the show.

Brian Johnson and his lot are famous for vigorous live shows and hyped atmosphere, in fact they built their whole career on live performances. Delivering the same amount of energy and thrill every time they get out on the stage, they are not disappointing us even now on their latest tour, and it’s been more than 40 years since their first show. Seems like they will never give up, and although there were some rumors about splitting up and retirement, with their latest live album AC/DC proves that the years didn’t change anything. In fact, people even criticize them for staying equally perfect, simple and straightforward hard rock band.

If you are one of the many fans that will rush the Dodger stadium on September 28, read the following and rest assured that you should buy your ticket now.

The Price

Believe it or not, service fees are the ones actually causing all the troubles, and when the artists are all set and satisfied with their cut, there is a matter of taxes and additional fees that will get charged in the last batch. At this moment tickets for AC/DC are pretty much affordable, and it is understandable that sooner you get them the price is lower. You can buy tickets online and save a more than a decent amount. If you don’t buy them soon the price will surely go up and it will continue to do on a weekly level, the more we approach the concert the price goes higher. It’s not that you need to be cheap, you need to be smart and save your money for beer.

The Spot

The luxury of choosing the spot and a seat to your liking is every fans dream. This way you can find the right section that suits you. Especially if you are coming with a larger group, splitting up can really be a drag, so if you need to organize and get ready, the sooner you do it the better. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking for ticket everywhere without finding it, if you are planning  on buying them in the last minute, remember that this would not be the first time AC/DC sold out every single spot on the stadium, even for two nights in a row. If you are a hardcore fan then you want to be on the field with your friends, in the front row, and if you are not familiar with the Dodger stadium seating map here is a nice place to help you get acquainted and find your spot. 


While we are on the subject of friends, did you consider buying them a ticket as a present? Now when they are cheap they can be a perfect gift. Even if your friend isn’t such a big fan, invite him, or her, to accompany you. No one left the AC/DC concert disappointed, the energy is high and excitement never stops, and let’s just be honest with each other – we all know the lyrics.

There is a chance that this will be the last tour of our beloved band, and the last chance to see them entertaining up the whole Dodger stadium. So let’s show them our appreciation and say “thank you” for all those years of dedication and memorable songs from our past, and there is no better way to do it but through some serious hard rockin’! See you there!