Ennio Morricone - The Pride Of Hollywood

Ennio Morricone a well known maestro is a prominent Italian music composer of 20th century. He has composed music for more than 400 films. Morricone was a miracle kid born in 10th Nov, 1928 started his music composition at the age of six.

During his career of 45 years, he was a composer, orchestrator, music director, and conductor. He is a member of Opera House Orchestra since 1941; performed in Nuova Consonanza (improvisational music group) as well as played trumpet in nightclubs.

In his life he has been nominated in more than 100 times out of which 60 times he was awarded.   In 2007, he was honored by Academy Honorary Award. Recently in 2014, he was awarded Grammy Trustees Award
He is presently 86 years old and by Gods grace he is living a healthy life.